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“He has to go” – People want Eamon Ryan out of the Dail asap

The Green Party leader Eamon Ryan remains under pressure as many social media users are calling for his resignation.

Many people have had enough of the government and in particular Eamon Ryan whose two-parliamentary party Green Party are propping up Fianna Fail and Fine Gael for his own benefit.

Social media users reacted badly to Ryan using a throwaway remark about Irish grandmothers who are doing their best to stay warm throughout the winter.

People are saying that Ryan wouldn’t be so smart if he wasn’t on his massive salary himself.

The Green Party leader, Eamon Ryan kindly announced that “your granny won’t be thrown into prison for burning turf”, but put his big foot down on everyone else, declaring that we must look after the health of people and air quality.

Ryan said that he spoke with the Tanaiste Leo Varadkar and said that Varadkar agreed with him about stopping the burning of coal.

However, the vast majority of the country appear to be livid at the thoughts of a ban on turf, in particular those living in rural life.

Social media users are saying that’s utterly outrageous and yet another direct attack by Eamon Ryan’s and the Green Party on those living in the country.

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