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Helen’s Felons: Thug thrown into Mountjoy for attacking and beating transgender sex workers in Dublin

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A former school rugby player was jailed for 10 years for violent attacks on the home of transgender prostitutes.

Buti Sashi (26) was armed with a large knife when he went to the prostitutes’ house after arranging a meeting with them in their inner city apartments.

During the first attack, on the night of May 26, 2017, Sashi began punching the victim in the face and body before cutting him with the knife. He asked her about sex and sexually assaulted her before stealing her cell phone and laptop, reports the Independent.

The victim sustained a fracture in his left jaw and in the bone of one orbit.

According to the Independent, the Central Criminal Court heard that a month later, on June 28, Sashi and another man made their way into the apartment of another transgender prostitute. Sashi brought a big knife again and the two men started beating the victim and took two cell phones from him.

When a roommate tried to help the first victim, the men attacked him, breaking his jaw and cutting him twice with the knife. They forced this man to hand over phone, laptop and 300 euros in cash, reports the Independent.

The thug contacted the victims and arranged that he would meet them in their home. There, he would attack them, beat them and demand they hand over money and goods.ing a weapon.

His previous five convictions include one for his role in the violent robbery of a taxi driver in August 2014, when Sashi was just 21.

According to the Independent, the thug was also convicted of assaulting a prostitute and stealing from prostitutes, which occurred around the same time as the crimes in court today. Last June, Judge Martin Nolan sentenced to five years in prison for these offenses.

He was handed a 10-year sentence, with victims saying they feared he would be a danger to them. It’s understood that the last two years of a 12-year sentence on the condition that Sashi engages with probation services after his release.

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