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How to Build a Fashionable Closet with Second-Hand Clothes?

Today, we’re saying goodbye to fast fashion and saying hello to circular economy. Sustainability is key not only to mindful styling of your wardrobe but also to saving the environment. It may be hard to dissociate from the thinking that a new piece of clothing from any fast fashion place is most certainly a trendy one because that, most often, is simply not true. Imagine – many people go to the same popular place and get the same popular shirt or jeans. That’s why you should start buying second-hand – you have no idea what kind of perpetually trendy vintage pieces you can discover. Most importantly, you can build a fashionable closet with second-hand clothes and stand out from the fast-fashioned crowd! 

Kitten Heels for Strutting the Streets

Fashion indeed goes in circles – another reason to let go of fast fashion stores you might’ve frequented. Today, Y2K fashion is making a real comeback – bling, glitter, rhinestones, low-rise jeans, and massive, round sunglasses can be found in any fashionista’s wardrobe. Another adorable and stylish thing you can get to cater to your Y2K style is kitten heels – tiny-heeled shoes, perfect for a warm spring or summer day that doesn’t tax your feet too much. You can choose either pointed-nose, rounded-nose, or even square-nosed heels, depending on what you’re going for with your look: pointed-nose will exude confidence and character, rounded-nose will cater to your girly side, and square ones will evoke strong nostalgia of eras passed. In addition, you can pair kitten heels with wide-leg jeans – an unusual combination at first look but a stylish one immediately after. The heels of the shoes give just enough elevation to allow you to wear wide-leg, and the pointy, rounded, or square nose protruding from below attracts just enough attention. Think2 second-hand clothes and shoes will provide an excellent opportunity to create a fashionable look by browsing virtual vintage clothing racks – find your forever piece today!

Plain White Everyday Shirt

If a plain white shirt is involved, there are a plethora of styling options – you can roll up the sleeves, wear it on a cute camisole, button it up, or tie up the ends somewhere below the ribs. Such a shirt gives much-needed contrast to basically any outfit, be it a skirt, mom jeans, or shorts. Pair it up with a pair of chunky sneakers or the aforementioned kitten heels, and voila, here’s a stylish look! The best part is you can find a wide variety of plain white shirts at basically any thrift store – they often retain their good quality and fabric integrity, offering a sturdy piece that will serve you for many more years. In addition, these vintage pieces sometimes have tiny embellishments that you simply won’t find in today’s fast-fashioned options – such nostalgic individuality will provide charm to any outfit of your making. One more thing – if you’re an artsy girl, you can use the back of a white shirt as a canvas to cross-stitch a cheeky image or slogan! This way, your closet will be not only fashionable but also personalized. 

Good Ol’ Pair O’ Blues

You’ll probably agree that one of the best feelings in the world is finding a perfect pair of blue jeans – a timeless classic that’s so hard to find in any fast fashion place today since they are mass-produced without considering the various body shapes that don’t fit into the generic sizes. Sometimes, the hips fit well, but the waist hangs open – not to mention the length issues and so on. By browsing for your perfect pair o’ blues in a thrift store, you get more chances of discovering a high-quality piece that fits your body shape better – vintage sizing differs from the modern one. Even though such a search may take longer to find an exact fit for your hips and waist, it’s definitely worth it since blue jeans are a timeless staple that will help build a fashionable closet. 

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