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Irish Casinos Connecting to Global Network to Offer Bigger Jackpots

It’s always been the case that casino games tend to ‘travel’ very well. That is to say that the same
games are just as popular in Longford as they are in Las Vegas or Lagos or London. Sure, there are
some regional tastes and trends, but by and large, the popular games remain the same globally. This
has been the case for many decades, and it doesn’t like changing any time soon.

But the relative uniformity of casino gaming around the globe has other newer consequences,
notably in the area of harnessing connectivity and technology to offer more attractive prizes to
players. In a country of relatively small size like Ireland, this is particularly interesting and worth
examining to see if it is beneficial to players.

Jackpot Games Connect to Global Network

Consider the example of online jackpot games. It’s important, first off, to understand that this new
generation of games was created to thrive on connectivity through a global network. A casino,
whether that’s online or in a resort, does not create a jackpot game. Instead, the casino operators
license the jackpot game from software developers, and that has intriguing repercussions.

Take a software developer like Playtech, whose collection of jackpot games you can view at
. Playtech is one of the world’s leading developers of casino games, and it will
license its games to casinos dotted all over the world. The developer will fund its jackpots by taking a
small percentage of each bet made by a player, and then that jackpot will be paid out to one player
on a random basis.

So, let’s say the average stake was €0.30 per spin, and 1% of that stake goes into the jackpot fund.
That would mean each bet would add just under one-third of one cent to the jackpot. As you can
gather, that means a lot of plays are required to grow the jackpot by a significant amount. Yet, today
at Irish casinos you’ll easily find lots of games with multi-million-euro jackpots on offer. That’s where
the global network comes into play. It means that players spinning the reels in New Zealand, Canada
and everywhere else are adding to that jackpot, just like the Irish players.

We are basically talking about economies of scale, and it’s a concept that has transformed casinos
over the last decade. Crucially, it means that low stakes players can have a shot at a massive casino
payout, although the odds are quite high given the large number of players globally.

Just Like Buying a Lottery Ticket

How do you win a jackpot at an Irish casino? The concept is reasonably simple: The jackpot game
uses software that determines that the prize will be paid out once it reaches a particular figure. This
amount remains unknown to the casino and, obviously, the players. If your wager is the one that
pushes the jackpot to that payout threshold, then you will be awarded the prize.

Image source: Slotsup

We will remain on the fence as to whether these types of games are worth playing or not. But it’s
probably worth equating it to the idea of playing either Euromillions or the Irish Lotto. As lottery
players are aware, the former has bigger prizes due to the larger pan-European pool of players.
However, it’s also that much more difficult to win.

The point is that an Irish casino – if it were limited to the country’s borders – would not be able to
offer these huge prizes (10-20 million Euro payouts are not unheard of) if they did not connect to
other casinos around the world. You might consider it to be more difficult to win with the widening
of the net, but the eye-popping payouts are too large to ignore for many players.

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