Irish citizens to the back of the list as housing, healthcare and welfare will all be prioritised for refugees

Irish citizens to the back of the list as housing, healthcare and welfare will all be prioritised for refugees

Irish people languishing on housing lists across the country will find themselves put even further back down the ladder with tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees having arrived in the country in the last few weeks and hundreds of thousands more expected in the months ahead.

Foreign nationals entering the country from places such as Africa and South Asia already take precedent over Irish citizens on the housing list as they have no recourse in terms of support in the country but Irish families waiting years to be homed will now see their waiting extend several more years.

Indeed, many of these so-called “Ukrainian refugees” arriving are not even Ukrainian at all or even European for that matter.

The influx is not only going to affect those already on the social housing list but those looking to buy homes as the government seeks to procure more properties to home migrants, straining an already stretched market and further driving up record property prices.

The phasing out of direct provision and allowing all asylum seekers, the vast majority whom are in Ireland on bogus claims, according to the government’s own assessment, means Irish people will soon find themselves as third class citizens in their own country when it comes to housing.

The disastrous situation for Irish people in Ireland extends not only to the housing market however, as the hundreds of thousands expected to become resident in the country this year will also be entitled to social welfare and medical cards, a huge burden for both the tax payer and floundering health service.

The rising cost of living and inflation are already inflicting pain on the Irish working and middle class and these two factors are also about to dramatically worsen with the government’s lunatic, open boarders plan.

Some world-weary Irish people may come to the conclusion that attempting to be a contributive citizen in this country is simply not worth it as the government seem bent on making Ireland one giant refugee camp from Malin to Mizen where migrants and asylum seekers enjoy special privileges paid for over worked and undervalued Irish suckers.

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