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Irish government advised to forcibly acquire the private property of Irish citizens in order to establish new migrant accommodation centres

A report for Minister Roderic O’Gorman’s Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth has advised that the private property of Irish citizens should be forcibly acquired in order to establish new migrant accommodation centres across the country.

The External Advisory Group on Ending Direct Provision published the report in July the Irish Examiner reported.

In the report the government are advised to utilise compulsory purchase orders to acquire land on which to build new migrant plantations across Ireland which would each accommodate between 500 and 750 migrants.

These measures would not be unprecedented as the government are already using emergency powers to build state of the art modular housing at numerous sites around the country for Ukrainian refugees.

Since early 2022 the state has mounted an unprecedented effort to provide accommodation and services to tens of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers while Irish people languish in an equally unprecedented housing crisis.

This has led to outrage among the Irish public who recognise the massively detrimental effect this open border policy is having, not just housing, but also all other public services and social cohesion and safety itself.

Aside from these immediate issues the massive demographic change these policies will ultimately lead to, will be a fundamental change in the character and culture of Ireland forever.

Critics assert that this is the destruction of “national homogeneity” as the late Peter Sutherland described it when calling on the EU to use mass migration to breakdown the national identities of its member states to make them more acquiescent to a supranational state.

The remarks of Peter Sutherland, then UN migration chief, having formerly been an EU Commissioner from Ireland, who was also a non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, were reported on by the BBC on June 21st 2012.

Note that in April of this year the European Union parliament voted to adopt a new flagship migration package for the bloc that would see vassal states obliged to accept illegal migrants who have entered the continent. This was supported by all Irish MEPs.

These new measures seem to be designed to ensure that migrant accommodation centres are continually established infinitum throughout Ireland from Malin to Mizen.

The tragic irony of this situation, is that while these policies are extraordinarily unpopular among the Irish public, are support whole heartedly across the Irish political and media establishment, including by opposition leaders Sinn Fein.

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