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Irish people are “being left behind in their own country”, living at home forever, unable to buy a house of their own

There has been much debate on social media about the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees invited into Ireland by our Government.

But there has been virtually no debate between the Irish government and the Irish citizens. The media are silent too.

The “homeless” in Ireland includes families living in one room hotel rooms for years, adult children who can’t move out due to huge rents, Irish who can’t afford a home to start a family and rough sleepers on our streets. They include families on housing waiting lists for years and years.

Yet out of nowhere, this government ruling over Ireland can build housing for hundreds of thousands of people coming from a foreign land. They say they can build houses, but we know better. The governments track record on housing is shameful. Today as you read this, 3000 CHILDREN are homeless in Ireland. They have Been homeless for years. Imagine the damage being done to these homeless children and their parents sharing a room in a run down hotel or B & B.

We also have adult children who cannot afford to leave their parents home. The rents in Ireland are huge in comparison to the average industrial wage. There’s no rental supply.

Then we have Irish couples who can’t afford to get married live together and start an Irish family. The government say they are pro-choice but there’s no choice for first time buyers looking to start a stable home life. It’s as if the government are using the lack of housing to control the birth rates of the Irish community.

We also have Irish people who are in private rented accommodation and face being put out on the street at the whim of their landlord.
They have no security of tenure and will struggle terribly to find a new place to live.

Where is the government taking its orders from? Is it the Irish voters they are listening to? Or is it the EU? Maybe it’s the UN? Or maybe some other unseen organisation?
We know for sure this government have not been listening to the Irish community on the decade long housing crisis.

Now the government will be adding TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW people to our current homeless nightmare over a very short time period.

Homelessness is about to get much worse. And that’s just the start of the problems.

Refugees are welcome to Ireland but the scale of the government plans without any mandate whatsoever is frightening.

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