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Irish Water now looking for your PPS number

Elizabeth Arnett, a representative from Irish Water, has confirmed that the company will be collecting the PPS numbers of customers and that the recording of this information will start to take place in the “next couple of weeks”.

Ms. Arnett has tried to put any of the public’s fears to rest by saying that while this is an unusual strategy for a company like Irish Water, the main aim is to ensure that everyone paying the charge can avail of any allowances they may be entitled to.

Speaking this morning, she also gave assurances that Irish Water reps are meeting with the Data Protection Commissioner so that any data belonging to customers is treated in a strictly confidential manner and in line with current data protection laws.

In the midst of ongoing opposition, Irish Water intends to start charging customers from next year. While Enda Kenny has gone to great lengths to insist that each household in the State will receive 30,000 litres for free and that every child will be entitled to free water, there are many who do not agree with this latest charge being levied.

We have already seen several instances of members of the public engaging in sit-down protests to prevent the required water meters from being fitted. The news that PPS numbers will now be collected and retained by the company is likely to increase opposition to what many already see as an unjust tax.

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