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Italian Nun Gives Birth To Baby Boy

A South American nun who moved to Italy two years ago, has made headlines across the globe this week as she gave birth to a baby boy. The nun said she had ‘no idea’ she was pregnant according to Italian newspaper Il Corriere Adriatico.

nuns-prayingThe Sister who was living in an all women convent has given birth to a baby boy after complaining of stomach pains, which she thought were normal cramps. It wasn’t until she collapsed and taken to hospital that she learned they were in fact labour pains and she would soon be giving birth to a son.

The nun, who cannot be named by local media has named the baby Francis – in honour of the current Pope. The newborn baby is in good health but he will remain in hospital for further medical checks.

Italian newspaper  L’Unione Sarda reported ‘the Sisters have shown interest in taking charge of the baby’. The newspaper also stated that she “is not a nun, she is a girl that we are helping” but this may possibly be because she has not taken her vows yet.

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