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Judge upholds decision to refuse refugee status to Ghanaian man to come into Ireland

The High Court ruled that a tribunal’s denial of a Ghanaian man’s allegation that he was openly homosexual and had been persecuted as a result was not unreasonable nor illogical, reports Breaking News.

The father-of-three, who is divorced, requested on Friday that Mr. Justice Barry O’Donnell reverse the International Protection Appeal Tribunal’s decision to deny him subsidiary protection and refugee status.

According to the judgement, conclusions were reached during the international protection procedure that called into question the veracity of the applicant’s claims of being homosexual and his experiences of persecution.

According to the judge, the tribunal acknowledged that, in Ghana, where violent homophobic attacks are frequent, homosexual males may experience severe prejudice and homophobia, reports Breaking News.

In February of last year, the Ghanaian parliament enacted a measure that would have sentenced anybody found guilty of “identifying” as LGBT+ to up to three years in jail. Performing homosexual activities was already a crime that carried a jail sentence.

Upon arriving in Ireland in February 2020, the applicant went straight to Dublin Airport to apply for international protection, reports Breaking News.

26 months later, he received a call for an interview with the International Protection Office. In June 2022, he was denied leave to remain, subsidiary protection, and refugee status.

In November 2022, the judgement was affirmed by the appeal panel. The following month, the man initiated judicial review procedures at the High Court against this refusal, reports Breaking News.

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