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Kevin!!!! Happy 25th birthday Home Alone

It maybe the world’s most famous and most loved Christmas movie, which has entertained many children and adults alike through the years, but 25 years ago today the world was first introduced to Kevin McAllister in the hit movie Home Alone.

The loveable Xmas great which delighted many with a plucky kid’s determination to fend off two not so clever burglars with a variety of hilarious traps setup around the home to stop them in their tracks. The movie which was box office smash back in 1990 still delights many today 25 years on with the franchise gaining new fans everyday.

The movie which stars Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci has spawned numerous of Christmas themed movies since its release still holds out to be the world’s best Christmas movie of the modern era, uniting the young and old to gather around the TV and watch as a young boy teaches us the true meaning of Christmas that family is important.

So here is to Home Alone may yo continue to delight many in the years ahead. What do you think is it the best Christmas movie of all time?

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