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Limerick woman in critical condition, after BBQ explodes in her face


A 46 year old County Limerick woman is in a critical condition in hospital after been engulfed in flames at a family barbeque.

46 year old Joanne McMahon, of Castlemahon, Co Limerick, was attending a family Confirmation after-party in Ardagh, Co Limerick, when the BBQ suddenly exploded into a ball of fire in her face.

It is understood that Ms McMahon has sustained horrific burn injuries from the accident. A garda spokesman was quoted saying “She swallowed the flames. It was horrific,”.

It is also understood that Ms McMahon’s sisters Noelle Collum and Mary Griffin, aged in their 40s, were also burned in the fireball.

Two children attending the party were taken to University Hospital Limerick, but were discharged having sustained minor injuries.

Gardai believe the BBQ went out of control when extra fuel was put on it, causing the flames to shoot upwards suddenly.

A garda spokesman has said “They were at a family barbeque. What apparently happened was that she poured some extra fuel on (the BBQ), and as far as I know, she got burnt that way. It was just an unfortunate tragic accident”.

It is believed that Ms McMahon added extra fuel to the BBQ in order to get it going. Ms McMahon is believed to have sustained burns to her throat as she had swallowed the flames.

It is understood that a gust of wind helped fan the flames which were thrown back onto Ms McMahon’s head and hair as she was attending to the BBQ.

Ms McMahon, who sustained the most serious burns, is being treated at St James’ Hospital in Dublin. She was transferred there after initial treatment at Cork University Hospital, where Ms Collum is still being treated.
Ms McMahon is said to have sustained around 60% burns to her upper body.

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