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Lithuanian Nurse gets life for murdering her mother on Christmas Eve


A female nurse who murdered her mother during a Christmas Eve row in Dublin four years ago has been sentenced to life in prison.

The woman in question Greta Dudko is alleged to have struck her mother Anna Butautiene twice over the head with a bottle after throwing her up against a wall at the home they shared at Station Court Hall in Clonsilla.

Mrs Dudko was stood trial last year but she wasn’t sentenced until today as the jury could not agree on a verdict.

The Lithuanian nurse (36) showed no remorse or emotion as she stood in the dock, as the jury found her guilty of murdering her mother in an 11 to one majority verdict.

Mrs Dudko had pleaded guilty to manslaughter but has constantly denied that she had intended to kill her mother Anna Butateine during the row on Christmas Eve 2010.

The court heard compelling evidence that Greta Dudko threw her mother against a wall until she slumped to the ground at which point she then proceeded to get a bottle from the kitchen and struck the 55-year-old over the head with it twice.

The court also heard of how the family had concerns about Greta Dudko’s marriage, she also had a tendency to use to alcohol and prescription drugs.

Mr Justice Paul Carney told the court that he had no choice but impose the mandatory life sentence.

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