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Louis Walsh Sacked From X Factor After 11 Years

Music Industry Trust Awards After 11 years of judging the ITV talent show The X Factor,  Simon Cowell has apparently sacked 62 year old Louis Walsh.

According to reports made today Cowell sacked Walsh in an attempt to ‘shake up the show’.

According to the report made by The Sun, Cowell told Walsh personally,  “Simon spoke to Louis and told him that it’s 95 per cent certain that he’ll be ‘stood down’ this year.”

This was only a few weeks after Walsh revealed he was “done with X Factor”

The source said that viewers had become “sick” of the judge, revealing: “Viewers had become sick of Louis’ constant use of tired cliches and the same old jokes. He’d been doing it for 11 years and it seemed like he was just going through the motions.”

Speaking on Irish television, he said: “I think I’m done with X Factor honestly. My day job is as a manager, I’ve kind of neglected that. I want to get back to being a manager.

He also said that his reason for leaving was due to the X Factor producers, adding that they reportedly think the show needs a shake-up.

Louis said: “I’ve done 11 seasons. That’s a long time on television. I think they’re going to change it, go for a few new faces.”

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