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Magowna House operator received almost €5 MILLION for accommodating Ukrainian refugees in 2022

The company that has housed International Protection Applicants (IPA) at Magowna House in Inch in Co Clare has received €4.83 million from the state last year to house Ukrainians, reports Breaking News.

Figures from the Department of Integration show that CRM Properties Ltd in Co. Cork was worth €4.83m last year and the company received the highest percentage of fees under the heading in the last quarter of 2022 at €2.54m accommodation and/or related costs in Ukraine.

The company’s contract with the Ministry of Integration to house IPAs at Magowna House led to a standoff between the local community and the government after 34 IPAs arrived on Monday 15 May.

The barricades erected by locals on either side of the road leading into Mayogoon were removed after Integration Secretary Joe O’Brien (Green) said no other government would be based in Mayogoon for the next four weeks. The property can accommodate a total of 69 IPAs.

He was asked to provide details of CRM Properties Ltd’s other contracts with the Department of Integration, a spokesman for the Dept would only say: “CRM Properties are contracted for one IP contract which is Magowna House which has only recently come into use. CRM Properties also provides accommodation to Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection. We cannot comment on contractual matters,” reports Breaking News.

Minister O Gorman said (IPAS) said: “There are a total of 614 IPAs currently being accommodated in Co. Clare. Discussions are at an advanced stage for Clare Lakelands Hotel, Main Street, Scarriff. It is anticipated that this property can be brought into use in the near future to provide accommodation to families. The Department is engaged with local representatives and the local authority and are providing accurate information about the proposed use of this property,” reports Breaking News.

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