Make or break for Garth Brooks gigs - don't throw away your ticket just yet

Make or break for Garth Brooks gigs – don’t throw away your ticket just yet


It’s make or break time for the Garth Brooks concerts.

Dublin City Council last night gave the go ahead to all 5 concerts. However, a n event licence cannot be renewed or amended before the concerts go ahead. This means Garth is entitled to play the first 3 concerts but the last 2 will be cancelled.

The concert promoter, Peter Aiken is said to be en route to the States to meet Brooks in person and try and concoct a compromise.

Brooks’ cargo ship full of his stage equipment, is halfway between Ireland and America. If the concerts are indeed cancelled, the ship will turn back mid-course.

Some fans are saying the fun has gone out of the whole thing, while others still are holding out for a solution.

In the balance:
Aiken has dealt with tricky situations before. Brooks’ stands to lose millions if the concerts don’t go ahead. He is brunting the set up costs. The local economy needs the €10 million a concert. There’s a lot at stake, it’s in the balance but if you’ve got a ticket… don’t throw it away yet.

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  1. what id like to know is how come the decision was made by ONE man in the beginning and how is that in a democratic country with free will could this not be put to a vote earlier instead of putting everyone who has shelled out lots of money through this crap and if it is the case that the gaa is breaking the law by holding these concerts wernt they also breaking the law by holding 3 one direction concerts over 3 nights already????????? all thos concerned residents and council members should cop the feck on and realise in these hard times just ho hard money is to come by ( after all we cant all be lazyu assed politicians and councillors who make decisions without concerns for others and get PAID HUGE amounts of OUR money to do so)

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