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Mary Lou McDonald vows to remain on as Sinn Féin leader as the party ‘reflects’

Mary Lou McDonald, who led Sinn Féin through its “reflection” after a terrible election showing, declared she would not step down as head of the party, reports Breaking News.

The party has gained several seats nationwide from the 2019 local elections, while not making the large gains in the local and European elections as first anticipated.

According to Ms. McDonald, the party has to learn from its mistakes and will now consider what went wrong during the election campaigns.

Asked whether she will consider her position as Sinn Féin leader, Ms McDonald said: “Um, you know, I will lead this reflection and this process. When the going gets tough, that’s the point at which leaders step forward. They don’t step down. I am incredibly proud of the team that we have. I lead a party with immense talent and immense potential. We don’t always get it right,” reports Breaking News.

“We clearly have lessons to learn. We’ve listened carefully. We will regroup. We will come out, we will do better and I, as the leader of Sinn Féin, will lead that effort,” she added, reports Breaking News.

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