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Michael Schumacher’s Greatest Challenge


Breaking news this evening as rumours have begun to circulate that Michael Schumacher has been moved onto a permanent life support machine for the rest of his life with very little chance of revival. If this is true, it’s a sad end to a truly magnificent man.


The seven-time Formula 1 world champion is in the fight of his life this week after suffering severe head trauma in a skiing accident in France.  Schumacher, a native of daring activity, crashed head first in a rock on the exclusive resort on December 29th.

Skiing resort of  Dent de Burgin
Skiing resort of Dent de Burgin

Initial reports suggest that the skilled driver had merely a “routine accident”, and although serious – was not life threatening. Within hours, the outlook at switched to critical and indeed Schumacher’s life was hanging in the balance. Having gone through two major neurological surgeries, the soon to be 45 year old, has been given a fighting chance with the success of stopping bleeding on his brain.


Schumacher’s manager, Sabine Kehm, has stated that he remains in a critical condition but he is stable, and given what he has gone through, that is the best case scenario.

With over a week gone into this horrendous accident, many rumours have come and gone as to how the seven times champion ended up having his accident. They’re all too irrelevant for his family by his bedside and millions of fans around the world looking on.

Scientifically proven to be the most skilled Formula driver to ever take the wheel, Michael Schumacher has been described much like most of his career as a competitive but calculated skier. The sporting world and indeed the world in general are hoping, praying and willing the friendly German on in the greatest competition of his life.


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