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Migrant thugs refused re-entry to Citywest transit hub for “anti-social behaviour” now roaming the streets of Dublin

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Following a fire drill at the Citywest transit hub which saw over 500 people evacuated, approximately 40 male migrants were refused re-entry the Daily Mail has reported.

The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth (DCEDIY) said the men were refused re-entry as they had been staying there “without specific authority” but did not explain what this meant.

The DCEDIY also said a number of the men “had been previously requested to leave due to anti-social behaviour, were also identified and informed that they would not be allowed to re-enter the building.”

The refugees were evacuated and remained outside the Citywest hotel for around an hour before tensions started to build and they demanded to be let back in.

Citywest staff, aided by Gardaí, conducted an operation to verify the identities of the migrants and determine who would be refused entry.

Tensions reached boiling point when one of the migrants refused entry attempted to rally his fellow thugs to storm the building but in the end their courage failed them.

A DCEDIY spokesperson said: “The Citywest Hub is at capacity and remains paused to new arrivals until numbers there can be reduced. All International Protection applicants (IPs) and Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (BOTPS) have a responsibility of good conduct towards one another and towards hub staff providing assistance.

“Those involved in repeated incidents of anti-social behaviour will not be prioritised for accommodation. In such instances, IPs will be required to apply to be re-accommodated by contacting the IPAS helpdesk.”

These men, many of whom were known for aggressive and anti-social behaviour, are now likely roaming the streets of Dublin.

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