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Migrant working as security guard in Penneys gets jailed for sexually assaulting teenage girl

Five years have been served in prison for a security officer who, after a 15-year-old girl stole a face mask and makeup brush from Penneys, sexually abused her, reports RTE.

A year and a half ago in Dundrum Shopping Centre, Abdul Rahman Mohammed, 35, of Mountjoy Square in Dublin, was convicted guilty of sexual assault, false detention, and threatening to harm someone in order to extract money.

The youngster said that she was despondent and terrified after the encounter.

On December 4, 2022, the fifteen-year-old girl was shopping with her pals at Penney’s in the Dundrum Shopping Centre, Detective Garda Rachel Kiernan stated in court, reports RTE.

The girl tucked a peel-off face mask and makeup brush under her jacket, but as she was about to leave, someone stopped her and took her to a private room.

After warning her companions to leave or face consequences as well, he accused the girl of concealing additional products, forced her to undress down to her knickers and touched her.

Mohammed added that the child may wear her clothes again when she asked. After she informed him that she would pay, he directed her to wait for him outside of Penney’s, reports RTE.

When they first met in the parking lot of a shopping centre, she assumed she would have to pay €2.50 for the face mask and brush, but he wanted to pay €250.

Her friends did not have the money when she phoned them.

The shaky CCTV footage from the room where the sexual assault occurred had been tampered with.

The youngster revealed in a victim impact statement that she was terrified and despondent after the abuse because she could not close her eyes without seeing his face.

The thirty-five-year-old security guard received a five-year jail term from Judge Orla Crowe, reports RTE.

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