Millionaire gave away €20 million, now he's broke and his wife has left him

Millionaire gave away €20 million, now he’s broke and his wife has left him


Meet Brian Burnie, he was so good with his wife’s recovery from cancer, that he decided to giveaway his €20 mullion fortune to help others.

He started a foundation to help cancer sufferers and research back in 2009. At the time, the philanthropist said he had no interest in money or possessions anymore, he just wanted to help people.

But Shirley, Brian’s wife couldn’t take it anymore. She said they had 3 children, they needed a home and an income and she had to take off, start again and provide for them.

The Northumberland based couple split after 31 years of marriage. They had too many differences with Brian’s obsession with charity. Shirley now works in a newspaper office and Brian continues his charity efforts with no money of his own and living in a small flat.

Most people try and attain their one-time lifestyle of a big house, huge cars and a gigantic bank balance, but money simply cannot buy happiness it would seem.

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