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Mini heatwave en route as Met Eireann say hottest day of the year is on the way

Ireland is expected to have its hottest day of the year so far later this week, with the current record of 21.3°C set on April 16, reports The Mirror.

Met Éireann said thermometer readings could be as high as 23C in some areas on Thursday and Friday, and that temperatures would remain in the “high teens or low 20s” for the rest of this week and much of next.

The anti-cyclone that has kept Ireland in good conditions for the past few days is expected to extend towards the end of the month.

The national weather forecaster says that the weather will continue to prevail in Ireland for the rest of this week – and the current indication is that it will remain that way next week.

For many, this means calm weather with warm, dry and sunny conditions.

Although some are talking about a two-week “mini heatwave”, Met Éireann has ruled that out, reports The Mirror.

Heatwaves are often described as five days of consecutive above average temperatures, but a Met Eireann forecaster have already told the Irish Mirror: “That is a working definition used by some other met offices, but the Met Eireann definition of a heatwave is five consecutive days of temperatures above 25C.”

“Dry Thursday with good sunny spells. There is the chance of isolated patches of light rain or drizzle in the northwest where it will be cloudiest. Highest temperatures of 15C to 19C over the northern half of the country. Milder further south with temperatures reaching 19C to 23C. Northerly winds will be light to moderate. Dry with spells of sunshine Friday. Highest temperatures of 18C to 23C generally, slightly cooler near coasts. Winds will be light easterly or variable,” Met Eireann added, reports The Mirror.

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