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Miracle baby – Woman tells of joy at giving birth to beautiful baby girl after 23 miscarriages

Image source: Mirror

A Cork mother has spoken of her joy when a baby girl was born by “miracle” after 10 years of suffering 23 miscarriages.

Georgina O’Shea had her first child, Leon, when she was just a teenager. She resolved the possibility of never having a second child as her subsequent pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Miss O’Shea, who is in her 30s, went to a specialist in the US after her seventh miscarriage and was given trial drugs to help her carry her baby to term.

Georgina told The Neil Prendeville Show on Red FM in Cork four years ago that she felt “fear and anxiety” every time she got pregnant instead of being happy.

“No matter how much you try to think it (miscarriage) is not going to happen it does. I don’t envy anybody that falls pregnant or had a child. I would never begrudge anybody having a child. I am still standing. I can still get on with life,” reports The Mirror.

After coming to terms with the fact that she might never have a second child, Georgina became pregnant last September.

She and her husband Ken welcomed a daughter, Reilly, at CUMH six days ago.

Georgina contacted the radio program with her good news. She told Neil Prendeville that Reilly was her “little miracle”.

“She was given to us unexpectedly. We weren’t planning or we weren’t even hopeful I suppose. We randomly did a test and it was positive and it took off from there. We had an ectopic pregnancy since the last time I spoke to the show so they have removed one of my tubes and they told me that the other tube was so badly scarred that the chances of me even carrying a pregnancy again were very slim,” reports The Mirror.

“We gave up hope. We started moving on with life. And then we found out we were pregnant and there was a whirlwind of emotions not knowing what to expect. We found out with the doctor (Professor Keelin O’Donoghue) who has been with us for our whole journey. She then booked us in for every second week to keep a very close eye on it. In one sense (miscarriages) became normal. It was always expected. So you build up a barrier against yourself to protect your own mental health,” she added, reports The Mirror.

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