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Mixed reactions as Croke Park hosts Muslim’s Eid Al Adha event

across Croke Park, more than a thousand Muslims across Ireland came together to commemorate the holiday of Eid al-Adha, reports RTE.

Muslims have been praying in the stadium for the past five years when Covid-19 rules made mosques unsuitable for worship.

The Irish Muslim Peace and Integration Council’s chairman, Shaykh Dr. Umar Al-Qadri, led the gathering in reciting the Eid prayer, which honours Prophet Ibrahim, also known as Abraham, who sacrificed his son as a sacrifice to God, reports RTE.

Dr. Al-Qadri hailed Croke Park as “an iconic beacon of Irish culture” and expressed his gratitude for the venue’s record-breaking Eid attendance today.

“For us to be able to spend our day of Eid here, especially with what is happening right now, the divisive rhetoric, the racism that is becoming prevalent, it shows that institutions such as the GAA are truly committed to inclusion, truly committed to their motto of ‘where we all belong’,” he said, reports RTE.

“It shows to us as Muslims, Irish Muslims. We’re not just being tolerated, we’re not just being accepted, we are being embraced,” reports RTE.

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