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Mother faces charges over killing of three young girls in Hong Kong

Hong Kong police have arrested a woman accused of killing her three young daughters. A case that shocked the inhabitants of the city where violent crimes are rare, reports Breaking News.

The three girls, aged two, four and five, did not respond when officers arrived at their home after receiving a call from the woman telling police they had been killed by her husband.

Police Commissioner Alan Chung said the woman and her husband had been separated for about a year and believed the woman was guilty of the murders.

The children were pronounced dead in a hospital.

Mr Chung said no injuries were found on their bodies and no sharp objects or drugs were found at the scene. He said a bloodstained pillow was found which may have been used to suffocate children, reports Breaking News.

An investigation found the case was related to family relationship issues, Chung said.

“This is a very serious family violence case,” he said, reports Breaking News.

The woman appeared normal when police arrived at the house and there was no evidence she had a bad relationship with the girls, he added.

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