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Move over Prosecco! – 70s favourite Lambrusco is back – and it is better than ever!

If you happen to have been old enough to drink back in the 70s you may remember the vintage wine that was Lambrusco, well now it seems the timeless classic is making a comeback that will surely have may pallets watering whilst think about it’s distinctive taste.

The vintage sparkling wine which was renowned for its quality back in the day is reportedly making a major comeback this Christmas season and is already outselling the ever so trendy Prosecco.

The iconic wine which is being stocked by supermarkets throughout Ireland and the UK, has had huge success in recent weeks after Celebrity chef Antonio Carluccio spearheaded the campaign to bring it back by stocking it in his new flagship restaurant in London.

Speaking about it’s resurgence Carluccio said: “I don’t like the term “fashionable” because, for me, Lambrusco has always been good for those people in the know.”

“But it has become unpopular over the last 30 or 40 years as there are two versions of the wine – and people have been drinking the wrong version; what I call the Coca-Cola of Lambrusco. This is a drink that’s overly sweet and fizzy, and not very nice at all.
“It is more versatile than Prosecco, and this latest crop has lost the exaggerated sweetness of fizzy wine.”

Although Vecchia Moderna version of the retro wine will set you back €35, it is thought that supermarkets are offering decent bottles of the sparkling classic for as little as €14.

There you have if you fancy something different this coming Christmas, why not try this age old vintage that has wine lovers everywhere talking.

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