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New One Of A Kind Mission For Nasa – Space Twins


What happens to an astronaut’s body after a long haul trip to space? NASA now want to figure it out by setting up a one-of-a-kind experiment.

Identical twins, Mark and Scott Kelly have been chosen to take part in the experiment as they’re hoping to ‘increase the understanding of the effects on a human body during space travel.’

Scott Kelly is aiming to spend a year living on board the International Space Station, which would be then recorded by NASA whilst brother Mark will stay on earth and act as a control in the physical experiment and analysis.

Speaking about the experiment in January, Scott Kelly said: “This is really going to help us learn a lot about the negative effects of space on our human physiology and then hopefully we’ll figure out how to mitigate that.” During his time in space, Scott will perform a number of experiments and undergo medical tests.

The one main difference the twins will experience when Scott returns back to earth is the difference in height due to the lack of gravity.

Speaking about the change Scott joked he could now look down on his brother:

“This time hopefully it will last long enough so that when I get back to the US I can look down at him a little bit,”

The mission is set to launch in Kazakhstan on 27 March.

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