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News Timeline 16th January

Here is a round-up of all the latest news, both nationally and internationally, to start your day :

Water Controversy- Phil Hogan is facing a potential resignation after information emerged that €180 million euro has been spent on the Irish water system. There has also been outrage expressed at the fact that water staff are receiving €7000 bonuses. 

Junior Cert revisited- Minister for education Ruari Quinn has confirmed that the current ‘Junior cert’ is to be renamed as the Junior cycle student award. The revised exams will place more of a focus on practical activities and subjects such as Chinese, arts performance and computer programming will be included in the new curriculum. 

Bill Clinton visit- It has been announced that the former US president is to visit Belfast in march in order to open the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute at Queen’s.

RTE interview controversy- The RTE were forced to remove segments from an interview with Drag performer Rory O’Neill. The interview aired on The Saturday Night show and discussed topics such as homophobia in Ireland. Parts of the broadcast was removed from the RTE player after people who were mentioned in the interview were unhappy with the content. 

Hospital misconduct- A doctor is facing misconduct allegations due to the death of a Tallaght patient in 2007. The woman (20) died from pneumonia after visiting the doctor in question. 

Hollande affair- Nicolas Sarkosy has criticised Francois Hollande for his affair with the actress Julie Gayet and for apparently making a mockery out of the french presidency. 

Advances in PSNI investigation- Police in northern Ireland have stated that they are close to charging a defendant in relation to the murder of Ronan Kerr in 2011. The late officer was killed when a car bomb deactivated in Omagh. 

Saudi Arabia torture- Four British soldiers have been refused damages following allegations that they were tortured in Saudi Arabia. 

Legal prostitution in Spain- A group of spanish sex workers in Ibiza have formed a co-op in order to receive welfare and pay taxes. 

Nuclear suspension- US airforce officers in charge of the launch of nuclear missiles have been suspended due to allegations that they cheated on the relevant testing. 

Apple refund-  The company Apple are to pay approximately $32.5 m to the parents of children who purchased software without consent. 

Syria Aid- The UN secretary general has announced that over half of the Syrian popular urgently require aid. The EU has currently donated $753m towards the issue. 


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