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‘No blacks allowed’: Shocking racism in a Dublin pub


A shocking instance of racism has emerged this evening, after it was reported that two South African students living in the capital were refused entry to a public house near the city centre due to the color of their skin.

The students, Anathi and Ezile, were not allowed to enter a premises in Temple Bar on Sunday evening because of their race. A security guard at the entrance specifically said “no blacks allowed”.

Speaking on Radio One’s Liveline today, the students spoke of their disgust at the discriminatory treatment in -supposedly- 21st century Ireland.

They said “He (the security guard) was dead serious. We spoke to him to see if he was being serious or if maybe there was a language problem, but it was not a joke, not at all.”

“I was denied access to a place because of my skin colour.”

The students reportedly asked to speak to the manager of the establishment, but this petition was refused.

They left the area and reported the incident at a Garda station. They were asked to return to make a statement, but they have reportedly being informed that because racism is not a criminal offence, nothing would probably happen to either the security guard, the pub, or the manager.

The name of the premises where this shameful episode took place has not been disclosed.


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