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No Sympathy For The Entrepreneur


Every time you have turned on the radio over the past 5 years, you hear the ravings of infuriated trade union representatives who bark on about how their members are being downtrodden and deserve more, more, more.

The public domain has been bombarded with so many people preaching how the Celtic Tiger entrepreneur became too big for their boots, greedy, and deserve to have nothing now “like the rest of us”.

The seething begrudgery, jealousy and envy of these people are actually quite sickening. They’re either too naive, ignorant or plain stupid to appreciate the ability of the individuals they’re condemning. They consistently say that money got the better of “rich” people and that they knew well what they were getting themselves into.

But the sad reality of this delusional imagination is that the so-called “rich” people are now mostly nothing of the sort. They believed in the misconceptions of a false economy. They were lured into borrowing vast sums of money thus furthering their own businesses, but certainly furthering many more with the knock-on effect.

These go-getters are the backbone of a successful economy, or in this case a recovery. The actual context that they’ve become accustomed to is one of hatred, blame and lack of pity. The people who point their finger neglect to state the fact that they usually secretly admire the exact thing they seemingly hate. They ponder infrequently about how someone can elevate themselves into a multi-million euro net worth statement, but quickly skip over it because their narrow-minded thinking gets in the way.

Ireland has many tags associated with it, but in 2014, begrudgery, envy and jealousy are up there at the top. Perhaps and hopefully the pendulum may sway. Recent TV appearances from Jackie Lavin and Paul Treyvaud showed a sign that when you lift the mask off the media’s public perception, business owners are just people too. They don’t get a cent from social welfare, they don’t get legal aid – they don’t get anything. The ironic thing is, when an economy is booming – these people are still left stranded, they’re the ones who are meant to provide high wages, provide PRSI, provide job assurance and increasingly pay higher taxes.

Lastly, for all you current and potential entrepreneurs out there, don’t let green eyed monsters detract from you. The lack of pity should be embraced and drive you further. Not being able to empathize just means people can’t contemplate how to get to where you are, have been or where you want to be.

We need to encourage people to go out and stand on their own two feet. It takes steel nerves to have the metal to do it. They need a firey, energetic ability to get things done. They need to be praised, helped and enabled to complete their vision. Only people with a kindred spirit can truly understand this – hopefully in time, more and more people will acknowledge the massive contribution the private sector entrepreneur gives to society.

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