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Nothing compares to you: Shane Lynch dubbed the new Sinead O’Connor after Late Late Show outburst

Boyzone’s Shane Lynch has been dubbed by social media users as the new Sinead O’Connor after his outlandish outburst on Friday night’s Late Late Show.

If you didn’t see it – we have the video in this article.

42-yr-old Lynch thew a tantrum after host Tubridy showed the clip of the band on their first Late Late Show appearance in 1993.

42-yr-old Lynch was late to the party after he allegedly missed his London to Dublin flight and then got “stuck at the railway tracks” in Donnybrook, seriously.

Ronan Keating, Mikey Graham and Keith Duffy sang their new song without Shane Lynch who allegedly was stuck in traffic, some might say it’s a shame he wasn’t stuck in it longer.

When he did arrive at the end of the song, he greeted his colleagues and Tubridy who almost immediately ran “that clip” of Boyzone on the Late Late Show 25 years ago.

The obviously funny clip was met with utter contempt from Lynch.

He went off on one when Tubridy asked what he thought of it:
“I busted my bollocks to get here. You can shove that clip up your hole”

Then he looked into the camera and flipped the bird.

An awkward Tubridy tried to joke it off but Lynch replied aggressively “I don’t give a fuck”.

Social media users have already condemned his comments saying that they won’t be going to their show next year or bringing their kids to a show because of what Lynch said.

Social media users have called the man “a disgrace” and “completely uncalled for” in relation to his comments. You can visibly see Tubrity and Keating squirming in their seats hearing what Lynch said.

One social media user commented “He’s the new Sinead O’Connor.” while another said “At least Sinead O’Connor can take a joke these days, look what she said about Bono”.

Others too chimed in with “Honestly there is no comparison between Lynch and Sinead O’Connor, she can take a slagging. Shane obviously can’t”.

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