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OPINION: Far too many thugs are using the “mental health card” to escape real justice

From the outset, of course there are people who have phycological problems, genuine ones.

without using any derogatory terms, these people truly have mental issues that need addressing to save themselves from themselves or possibly others in the process.

However, something that is rarely, if ever, highlighted is the fact that certain people use the so-called “mental health card” to get off practically scot free from the crimes they’ve committed.

A simple way of evading justice is seen as getting a psychiatric and phycological examination, acting like you’re a total mad person and give the most bizarre answers possible.

The Judge receives the report that this person has blah, blah, blah wrong with them and that they couldn’t remotely be in their right state of mind when committing the heinous crime they committed.

They then get full remedial help in a mental health facility instead of, in many cases, where they should be – thrown into the slammer with the rest of the thugs in society.

Meanwhile, sometimes innocent parties who are victims of these thugs are left to pick up the pieces after their so-called “mental health” episode.

People should be aware of these types of charlatans and they should be very sceptical when they hear of the mental health card being played in court as a defence.

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