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OPINION: If RTE made a joke about blacks, Jews or Muslims instead of Catholics, Dee Forbes would have to resign

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Let’s face it, RTE are absolute cowards who are ludicrously funded by people who, for the most part, appear to hate what they produce.

They’re most certainly NOT impartial, take a look at their reporting on the recent US election. They don’t report facts, they’re a fully functionally left wing propaganda machine for the government of the day, as long as they align with their left win ideology.

It’s packed with your usual left wing student whose been brainwashed not to even dare think for themselves. The overpaid presenters are as bad as the programmes they’re presenting.

The extortionate licence fee is the stuff of a communist Chinese regime, and let’s not mention “that party” during lockdown restrictions.

However, it’s their most recent outlandish event that’s finally made people wake up as to just how hypocritical and cowardly they are.

On New Year’s Eve, the national broadcaster (no doubt being watched mostly by the elderly) thought it was a good idea to broadcast a sick and disgusting clip of God raping Our Lady.

Thankfully more than 5,000 complaints have already been made to RTE and the BAI (Broadcasting Authority of Ireland). A statement was issued by RTE following the uproar, including that of an apology from a former RTE News presenter.

Perhaps not surprising, the Director General of RTE Dee Forbes made no statement in relation to the despicable clip.

The ironic thing here is that the big wigs in RTE push for equality and all the usual bandwagon nonsense the leafy D4 suburb  studios subjects the Irish public to.

One has to question why they didn’t mock black people, Jewish people, Muslim people?

The answer is simple, RTE is full of cowards who are politically correct to the nth degree and who are afraid of their own shadow of offending a “minority”. Dee Forbes would be slapped with her P45 before she knew it if the clip had featured one of the above, and that doesn’t even start with the uproar from politicians and minority groups alike.

Catholics are seen as easy targets, but perhaps this time RTE took a step too far and those who fund Dee Forbes and her cohorts’ extortionate wages might just think twice about paying their licence fee and watching such garbage next New Year’s Eve.

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