OPINION: "My Body My Choice" seems to be only for abortion and not when it comes to an experimental vaccine

OPINION: “My Body My Choice” seems to be only for abortion and not when it comes to an experimental vaccine

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The cabal of NPHET and Ireland’s dictator Tony Holohan have ordered their weak lackey Micheál Martin, who is still masquerading as Taoiseach, to impose a medical apartheid on Ireland.

We know see the beginning of genuine, out and out tyranny as those who refuse the experimental Covid-19 jab will become second class citizens and naturally most major Irish media outlets have towed the government line in manner that would embarrass the editor of Pravda circa 1955.

However, one of the more ironic twists of this whole shameful debacle is the support for this totalitarianism and violation of bodily integrity that is emanating from the liberal-left in Ireland.

The same Twitter addicts who screeched “My Body My Choice” in support of abortion and now championing this imposition of medical oppression and gross violation of bodily sovereignty.

“My Body My Choice” only applies when a woman is killing an unborn baby, i.e., not her body at all.

This violation of our most basic human rights by the NPHET controlled government spits in the face of our constitution, the Nuremberg code and our own forebears who fought so that we might live as free and equal citizens in a free country.

Alas, the prophets of Big Pharma must be maximised at all costs. Could it be that this NPHET quango made up of the utter slime of Ireland, are ultimately just engaged in massive rip off of the Irish people?

Rejects antigen tests in favour of the discredited PCR tests when the rest of the world has used them.

Extends lockdown while the rest of Europe is open.

Does its best to bully all Irish people, even children, into taking this experimental jab.
Cui Bono?

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