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Opinion: “Not good enough, Middle Ireland will not pay”, writes Daniel Crown



Today’s attempt by the Government to take the steam out of the water charge protests has failed, while it is almost a complete U-turn, the concessions are not enough and can be taken as a sign of weakness and the end of this Government.

Much has been made of Joan Burton being trapped in West Dublin by the political class and the media, painting protesters as criminals, dissidents and communists in an attempt to turn the middle classes off protesting.

This Government has now managed against some considerable odds to become the most despised, discredited government in Irish history.

Middle Ireland may not have been out trapping Joan Burton in West Dublin on Saturday but they continue to be absolutely outraged by the following points,and the much hated Joan Burton being discommoded for two hours changes nothing.

€ 100 million being spent by Irish Water to no advantage already.
A Labour Party which promised not bring in water charges and has completely lied to the general public.
The establishment of what can only be described as a “Super” quango which will have little or no accountability and which can now never be privatised to reduce the burden on the State or the individual.

The supercilious,smug,bloated face of a crony political class whose aligence is now clearly to the E.U. and not the Irish Electorate.

The police force being used in an inappropriate way and being brought in to disrepute for the benefit of German banks.
Middle Ireland is “reasonable” and any reasonable person in this Country knows that  we are being sold a lie and anything less than the total dismantling of Irish water will not do, it will be completely peaceful but it will not go away.
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