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Opinion: Social Media – A Safe Haven For Sociopaths?


The people in these images are REAL Jews & REAL Muslims. We need to see the human beings at both sides of every story. There is too much pointless social media aggression and it isn’t helping. Relentless *eye for an eye* verbal missiles are making everybody blind.


Frothing-at-the-mouth keyboard warrior sociopathic fools are busy venting their selfish, dysfunctional personality issues on the internet. The sociopath element of social media will never repent the vile hatred it stirs up. The online ghouls who subscribe to that kind of behaviour will avert their eyes as opposed to absorbing these images and the nobility behind them. This beauty that exists in humanity repulses them. It shines a light on their dysfunction. Sociopaths are incapable of remorse for their harmful, self obsessed venting. They are narcissistic and preoccupied with dominating the discussion. They are incapable of compassion in the true sense of the word. Their apparent *passion* is simply grandstanding and emotive manipulation. They lie relentlessly and NEVER acknowledge a mistake or blatant inaccuracy in their various tirades. Their goal is NEVER a peaceful resolution. Sadly they are expert manipulators and they draw a huge following on social media. It is easy to deceive on social media. It is easy to become popular.

You simply *study form* and see what the trends are. Real life acquaintances and real life experiences are made of flesh, blood and integrity. The images of these people demonstrate that. So many social media users are duped by online facades of virtual *equality warriors*  and *peace activists*.  On closer inspection these warriors and activist’s goals tend more to be a desire to vanquish and in some cases annihilate all contributors who articulate a dissenting view. They zero in on some personal aspect of a commentator (usually gleaned from the brief biography accompanying a social media profile) and use this to personalise what was initially entered into as a discussion on current affairs/politics/ideology. Manipulation at its sneakiest. When we post opinions on social media we are not inviting strangers into our homes. We are not giving them access to our families. We do not owe answers to semi-anonymous antagonistic nit pickers. But the sense of *entitlement to answers* displayed by *equality warriors* and *peace activists* on social media is quite a phenomenon.

They loom over other social media users as if they have been charged with the lofty task of policing the internet.  Perhaps it is indicative of shortcomings in their day to day lives. Perhaps some of these social media sociopaths are 38 year old men who still live with their mothers, but like to give online acquaintances an impression of an edgy freedom fighter working industriously out of some high tech bunker command center. Perhaps the only place they are powerful is inside their own minds. The image projected is a product of fantasy and manipulation. Too many social media users fall for the facade and never even consider that the *persona* they perceive as a thought leader and allow to influence their behaviour and online activity, is more often than not a fictional character.


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  1. Thank you Kate. A very incisive article. I am familiar with some of your posts on Twitter and see the kind of crap you have to put up with. There is a small but very loud cabal of shrieking Angry Liberal People whose opinions must be correct. Any dissent is not tolerated and as you say – insults usually follow [very personalised]. Unfortunately it’s not confined to online strangers; some real-life acquaintances fall into this category. They seem to have two common traits; a lack of personal responsibility and an inherent “me-me-me” selfishness.

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