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Opinion: The Taoiseach and Minister for Health should resign immediately if Ireland has a fourth lockdown

Given the fact that the world appears to be getting a grasp on how to properly tackle the worldwide pandemic yet Ireland’s leading government figures appear to not have a clue what they’re doing and are only spreading mixed messages to the public.

The country needs to come to terms that there is a virus out there but that we can and must live with it in society rather than be dictated to by it and the government of the day.

If, and that’s not even a big if, Ireland goes back into lockdown this winter, then the Taoiseach and Minister for Health should resign over their incompetency with dealing with this pandemic. No doubt that in years to come, an inquiry into the government’s handling or mishandling of pandemic will take place.

But for now, let’s look at some facts that mightn’t sit well with Micheal Martin, Leo Varadkar, Eamon Ryan, Stephen Donnelly of Simon Harris.

Doctors and nurses have been traumatised from what they have had to experience as shown in RTE primetime documentary and are not getting the just support from the government.

Mandatory hotel quarantine for all returning to Ireland were implemented and have since been lifted.

Over the course of the last year before mandatory quarantining, many visitors to Ireland hadn’t answered phone calls from HSE before now to find out about tracing or checking on them after travelling to Ireland to ensure they isolate.

During the third lockdown, the Irish public couldn’t travel more than 5km yet 2,000 Brazilians entered Ireland during a 28 day period this year. How can the government justify this?

The vast majority of the media have been terrible and have not held government to account. No hard questions have ever been aimed at the Taoiseach, Minister for Health or head of NPHET.

Make no mistake on this over the past year. Opposition leaders, including Labour and Sinn Fein have not been an effective opposition in any way. They’ve been a complete disgrace. They have not held government to account and have waited almost a year to demand mandatory quarantine.

During the last lockdown, Irish people couldn’t hold and meet loved ones, open up businesses, travel outside 5K. Over 4000 are dead many of them died alone but the government doesn’t want to obstruct travellers rights into the country.

Irish people are not getting proper access to healthcare treatment or not getting checked for fatal illnesses such as cancer over mishandling of pandemic.

Gardai were not given proper powers to deal with this. They claim that fines were too low and the powers of arrest are non existent. Gardai are saying that mask wearing and unnecessary journeys were not enforced for much of the pandemic.

During the last lockdown, Gardai were allegedly told at checkpoints at Dublin airport that travellers were taking the fine into account as part of holiday expenses which eventually pushed Martin to increase the fine to €2,000.

As it stands, there is no guarantee vaccine will end pandemic. The Taoiseach and Minister for Health should resign if we return to lockdown. If more new variants enter the country and render the vaccine ineffective they should also resign. Many believe that Covid victims’ families should be compensated where government negligence was at fault.

The way Ireland has “locked down” has been a complete failure so far. Ireland has now had three lockdowns. Micheal Martin and Stephen Donnelly must consider their positions and their party must force them to consider their positions if Ireland goes back into lockdown for a fourth time.

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