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Opinion: Where are the do-gooders now? Manchester will finally wake Europe up to the battle we all face together

As the world looks on at utter carnage in the Manchester Arena, it appears that finally Europe has woken up to the battle we all face together.

The utter shock and disbelief of pictures revolving around the world of innocent children, parents and workers being blown to pieces, have shrapnel blasted into their faces and screams of terror may well finally be the tipping point for rational voices to be heard and for hard-hitting left wing activists to leave their political correct nonsense at the door.

How many more Facebook temporary profile pictures will need to be used? How many more “oh the world has gone mad, RIP to all involved” statuses will be posted? How many more “you can’t say that” comments?

People saw the utter devastation that these Islamic extremist animals are willing to inflict.

A beautiful little 8-yr-old girl has her life ended in the name of Islam but God forbid anyone chastise Islam for fear of being branded a racist.

For all the do-gooders who have campaigned for open borders, that Europe “has a duty” to take in as many undocumented migrants as possible, I ask – WHERE ARE YOU NOW?

Are you going to that little 8-yr-old girl’s funeral? Are you going to post a status tonight claiming Europe should take in even more undocumented migrants – who incidentally could just happen to be the old Trojan horse trick?

For anyone who is spouting about “oh but they could be born in UK”, give me a break! Of course there’s major domestic terrorism but why add to that threat?

The bottom line today is that ISIS made a fatal error last night. They attacked our children, and I say our children because effectively the attack could have taken place at any major city in Europe.

It tugs at the heartstrings, we feel it more thinking back to our own childhood and how innocence has been robbed.

Our own domestic problems are insignificant. Islamic extremists don’t care about our differences, they care about us as a whole, and by care I mean utterly detest.

ISIS have forced Western culture to question its own “new” culture of multiculturalism. Does it work? Can such diversities live in harmony? Where does ISIS end and religious muslims begin? These questions are for muslims themselves to answer and very loudly at that.

One thing is for sure, the pendulum is swaying, people are fed up and sick and tired of the politically correct brigade apologising for Europe’s shortcomings. Open borders DO NOT work, undocumented migrants are far too much of a risk.

The battle is well and truly underway, but it’s up to a combined European effort to the win the war on terror.

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