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Outrage from parents after Pat Kenny calls Irish children “snowflakes” over new school mask rules

Newstalk host Pat Kenny has accused some children of being “snowflakes” over the new mask rules for school children in schools.

The government announced Tuesday evening that kids in 3rd class must now cover their faces, but it’s not a legal requirement.

The education ministry said that starting Wednesday morning, most primary school students and staff will be refused entry to their school without a mask, unless they have a medical certificate that shows their exemption.

The new rules for children aren’t limited to schools, as children over the age of 9 are required to wear masks on public transportation, retail stores and other indoor public spaces.

On his Newstalk show, Kenny asked why the rules don’t apply to even younger children. Currently, the rate of infection is increasing in children between the ages of five and twelve.

‘Norma Foley was talking about exemptions earlier on, so I can’t understand why Government haven’t gone for the younger cohort given that it’s quite the norm everywhere.’ Kenny said on his show.

‘For some reason, I mentioned it yesterday, our young children are snowflakes, who can’t be asked to do such a thing that their cohorts in other countries like America are happily doing.’

Norma Foley believes that all parents know their what’s best for their child and should see their GP if they think their child needs a medical certificate for school.

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