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Panic at funeral of German woman murdered by Muslim migrant after man screams “Allahu Akbar”

Image source: VladTepes

At the funeral of a young German woman, who was brutally stabbed to death by her Muslim migrant boyfriend, panic was sparked after another man present screeched “Allahu Akbar” at the ceremony, German media outlet VladTepes has reported.

Cynthia R (21) was stabbed to death by her boyfriend Ahmed T (22) after she told him she told him that she didn’t not want to move to Tunisia with him.

Ahmed T was under sentence of deportation from Germany to Tunisia after German authorities discovered he was claiming welfare under three different identities.

Cynthia R, whose identity is protected, had agreed to wear the hijab and learn Arabic to placate her Muslim boyfriend but after expressing her unwillingness to move to Tunisia Ahmed went into a frenzied stabbing attack.

Cynthia was stabbed in the neck, chest, hand and back more than ten times, dying at the scene.

During the young woman’s funeral in the German city of Worms which was attended by over 500 people, another unhinged man roared Allahu Akbar, Arabic for “Allah is great”.

This prompted panic and caused some people to flee from the funeral in fear. This is because in Europe, and around the world generally, before a Muslim terrorist atrocity is committed, they are usually are preceded by the Islamist lunatic proclaiming the supremacy of the god of Islam.

Police arrested the man who they describe as being simply confused or having tried to make “bad joke”.

Germany has seen a never-ending series of atrocities being committed by Muslim migrants, usually against women and children, since Chancellor Merkel’s catastrophic decision to open the countries border to mass migration from the Third World.

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