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‘Pay for water or pay more income tax,’ Phil Hogan says



These are the threatening words issued today by the newly appointed European Union Agriculture Commissioner.

Mr. Hogan oversaw the creating and setting up of the hugely controversial Irish Water, a company that has been landing itself in hot water (pardon the pun) from the very beginning, and it is still going strong in that respect.

Speaking today as he officiallly resigned from his job as TD to take up the plush aforementioned position, he went on to say that ‘people have the choice to pay for water, or pay for more income tax.’

‘Water is not free,’ Mr. Hogan laconically added.

When challenged about tomorrow’s massive protest marches, he said that ‘people are entitled to make their voice known’ and that ‘nobody will be able to get rid of the charge.’

Mr. Hogan continued on to say that ‘the Government was forced to introduced the charge because the country was broke, and dependent on funding from the Troika.’

The fact remains that the people of this country will march en masse nationwide tomorrow, to elevate their collective voices in opposition to these charges.

Whether the Government listens and scraps both the charges and Irish Water, or commits political suicide by remaining steadfast in their chosen path, will soon be seen.


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