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Plane snakes! Reptile scares the living daylights out of passengers on US flight

Image source: Britanica

The unexpected appearance of a live snake on a plane caused some turbulence among business class passengers aboard a United Airlines plane at the end of a flight from Florida to New Jersey.

The reptilian stowaway, identified as a harmless snake, appeared on United Airlines Flight 2038 from Tampa shortly after landing on Monday afternoon at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to the New York and New Jersey Port Authority.

As the plane rolled from the runway to the gate, passengers in the business class cabin began screaming and kicking off the ground, a passenger told the New Jersey 12 regional cable channel.

Airport animal control officers and Port Authority police officers were at the gate when the plane arrived and removed the snake, which was later released into the wild, a spokeswoman said via email yesterday. of the Port Authority. Cheryl Ann Albiez.

There were no injuries, no impact on airport operations and the plane then left Newark, she said.

A United spokesman, when asked about the incident, said only that the crew members who were alerted by the passengers “alled the appropriate authorities to take care of the situation,” reports RTE.

Neither party involved mentioned how the snake may have boarded a commercial airline flight.

But the situation no doubt reminded some passengers of the 2006 thriller “Snakes on a Plane”, a fictional story about dozens of venomous snakes that are released by criminals on a passenger plane in an attempt to kill a spectator, a murder trial. .

Monday’s crash wasn’t the first real-life case of a crawling creature traveling aboard a commercial airliner.

A large snake was found crawling through the passenger cabin of an Aeroméxico flight to Mexico City in 2016, and passengers saw a python clinging to the wing of a flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea in 2013.

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