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Opinion: A Grand power sharing Coalition between FG and FF with rotating Taoiseach

The political war of words is still continuing and it looks like it is showing no signs of stopping, and with both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail being unable to agree on forming a minority government the question remains is there anyway of sorting out the state of the nation.

Although talks between the two parties have taken place with no comprise being made should the role of the much coveted title of Taoisecah be shared between both party leaders on a rotating basis. With Mr Kenny and Mr Martin being unable to agree on anything no matter how small, it makes us wonder should either of them be given the top position on a full time basis in the Dail.

The future of the 32nd Dail is looking as far away from being resolved as it did 7 weeks ago when the nation took to the polls to vote for a much needed change which still hasn’t come, and with both leaders along with the rest of the political parties being unable to take the lead and resolve the situation once for all it surely now means that both leaders should now say enough is enough and sort out the childish bickering once and for all and agree on a power sharing arrangement similar to their colleagues across the border.

There should no doubt that both Mr Kenny and Mr Martin must now come to an agreement and fight for the Irish people and put an end to the circus that is called politics in this great nation of ours. Although there would be much heated debates along the way both men would have the equally right to lead the Irish Republic to a better future.

With the state now entering the longest period without a government within 100 years, it may may now be time to form a rotating leadership government that would put an end to a sole single party having the final say on all issues and policies that effect the nation. Although there would be many obstacles to over come to form such an unlikely move, would the idea of a government under a bi-yearly leadership be a bad one.

Such a move could possibly be beneficial as it would remove many protracted debates regarding key issues such as Irish Water and the Universal Social Charge as any decision of the introduction of such controversial policies would ultimately come down to one policy being replaced by the other. The unlikely move would also see a government made up of equal Ministers who would effectively be in charge of the day to day running of the country, but with them implementing polices and changes that could essentially be beneficial to the Irish people.

Although many would find some faults with such a system, we could be given a grand a coalition that is on a equal footing with neither party having complete control of the 32nd Dail

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