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Price hike! Sky Ireland announces major change for customers with price hike date announced

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Sky Ireland customers are in for an unwelcome surprise in April when bills for TV and broadband packages rise.

The TV provider confirmed the update this week, saying there will be an increase of at least 5.1% depending on which package each customer owns, meaning households will pay around €54 more each year.

The bill increase is expected to be limited to 7 or 7 percent per month, but the average person will see an increase of 5.1 percent or $4.51.

Explaining why the hike is necessary, the company released a statement saying it will be their first hike since 2018 and that it’s now inevitable given the “significant” increase in costs they’re facing.

Customers will see the changes on their invoices going forward, but the changes won’t go into effect until April 2023.

A spokesperson for Sky Ireland said: “We always strive to keep costs as low as possible, while providing the best choice and services,” reports The Mirror.

“We know price increases are never welcome, particularly in the current economic landscape, but hope our customers can see that we continue to deliver the most innovative products and best entertainment experience,” he added, reports The Mirror.

For those struggling to cope with the rising cost of living in Ireland, a Household Benefits Package is available to help with the cost of electricity or gas bills and television licenses.

Most people over the age of 70 are eligible for the payment, but if you’re under 70 and live with your spouse, domestic partner, or domestic partner, you can get HBP if you’re on social assistance and:

– You will receive an increase in the amount of social assistance (see the list of social assistance benefits)
– Receive their qualifying retirement payment
– Receive an unlisted welfare benefit and pass a means exam

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