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PSNI warned Gerry Adams today that his life is under threat


Gerry Adams may have been eating an ice cream today, but his life is believed to be in danger.

The PSNI called to Gerry Adams’ wife this morning to inform her that they have credible evidence to confirm that Gerry’s life is indeed under immediate threat.

Sinn Féin have confirmed that officers visited the home of the Sinn Féin leader and informed his wife Collette of an imminent threat.

The confirmation came this afternoon from Sinn Féin Justice spokesperson Raymond McCartney:

“I can confirm that the PSNI visited the homes of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey last night to warn them of a credible threat against their lives. The PSNI officer told Gerry Adams’ wife Collette that they had information of a ‘serious threat from criminals’ to Gerry Adams who was not at home at the time. Clearly there are elements that are opposed to the peace process and are  anti-Sinn Féin. We will not allow them to succeed nor will we be deflected from our determination to build the peace process” McCartney said.

Adams is returing to the Dail tomorrow, and will be at a Sinn Fein rally tomorrow night in Dublin.

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