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Renua have offered Peter Casey leadership of their party

Peter Casey is the both a man of the people and certainly a man of the moment.

Having finished on just over 23% of the the Presidential vote, Peter has many options as to where to go with his new-found political platform.

He tongue-in-cheek, it would appear, said that he’d like to join Fianna Fail and become Taoiseach.

This in turn led to panic stations and rejections being thrown around the place.

Renua, however, have offered Peter leadership of their party. A move which few would have expected but is one to ponder for Peter.

Renua had a bad start, they were all over the place in terms of what they believed in or didn’t believe in, but lately, they’ve gotten their act together as a right-of-centre party, something deeply missing in FF and FG.

They’re now firmly a pro-life party with many of their front line openly advocating a No vote in the abortion referendum. They also hold firm views on a possibly Irexit, something again lacking in the main political parties of this country.

Peter Casey hasn’t commented on whether he’d join them or not, but it’s certainly an interesting development.

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