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Residents say “media won’t report” out-of-control “Ongar Gang” terrorising Dublin 15

After we published an article last week citing a major problem in North West Dublin suburbs, many residents of the Dublin 15 area and surrounding area contacting The Liberal claiming that the problems are even more “out of control” than previously depicted. They said that mainstream old media are completely unwilling to report the true reflection of what’s going on in their area.

Gangs of youths are terrorising areas in Ongar and Tyrellstown. For politically correct reasons, the majority of media bow to keyboard cowards who hide out and backscratch each other on Twitter and will not report on what’s happening in these areas and the diabolical future the good residents of these areas face as a result.

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A gang of up 50 youths that according to The Irish Sun style themselves as an American type gang are terrorising Dublin 15 and beyond after the latest incident in which they attacked random boys who were eating in a Chinese takeaway in the culturally enriched Dublin 15 suburb.

The Irish Sun revealed that the gang, numbering around 50 and armed with crowbars and baseball bats, have been targeting locals in the area around Ongar in recent weeks and Gardai are still yet to make a single arrest even after the latest attack which injured four and damaged a local business.

They are described by locals as vicious and aggressive with many in the D15 area fearing that its only a matter of time until they kill someone in one their attacks.

The thugs operate in a large pack and launch animalistic attacks on random people and have been dubbed the “pesties” by residents of the area in a play on words relating to the older defunct gang in the Dublin West area known as the “Westies”

As was the case in Balbriggan were gangs of black youths were engaged in a reign of terror locals have accused the Gardai of failing to act for fear being accused of racism.

Hundreds of locals protests outside Balbriggan Garda Station in November 2017 demanding action from the authorities but too little avail.

Some of the victims of the gang have said that the attacks were racially motivated as they were taunted with anti-Irish and anti-white slurs from the thugs and asked how would the media and authorities respond if the roles were reversed?

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