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Right2Water group set to become a fully fledged political party


According to various reports it is understood that the Right2Water Campaign group are just a few steps away from becoming a fully fledged political party.

The announcement comes as the group are set host a May Day conference in Dublin this evening, where members from five unions will launch a six-week public consultation process to set up strategies to tackle issues such as health, water and education.

The consultation process is understood to last until June 13th, after which the policies will be put forward to the public to give their opinions.

A Spokesperson for the group Brendan Ogle says they are not pursuing any policies until they get the views of their supporters. Mr Ogle said: “We launch parties, we launch brands, we launch personalities, we launch names and then they sit down and scratch their heads trying to figure out what they stand for. What we are going to do is try to reverse that. “It seems to us to be very logical. Start off with some ideas in areas that affect people’s lives, see can we come up with principles, see if there is a public appetite for that.

He also added: “And if there is, then a new alliance of candidates and personalities.”

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