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Row in Cork as gay bar removes LGBTQS2A+ decorations for Freshers’ Week

Hundreds of people gathered in Cork city centre on Thursday evening to protest the decision by the owners of popular gay bar Chambers to remove LGBTQ decorations for Fresher’s Week, which marks students’ return to university.

For 18 years, Chambers Bar on Washington Street has been a favourite among the LGBTQI+ community.

Protesters gathered on the steps of the courthouse across the street from the courtroom during heavy rain Thursday evening.

Participants held placards and chanted: “We’re here to stay, you can’t paint the gay away,” reports Breaking News.

In a statement, the UCC Students’ Union expressed its displeasure at what it called the “rebranding” of Chambers as Sinners as part of Freshers’ Week.

“We have seen the discourse online and heard from students who are quite upset and shocked at this decision,” the students’ union said, reports Breaking News.

During a recent interview on Cork’s Red FM, drag artist Krystle Queer mentioned that Chambers has always had a devoted following within the LGBTQ+ community.

“It is the one safe place we have in the city where we can go and be absolutely ourselves,” reports Breaking News.

Cork Labour councillor John Maher believes that LGBTQ+ safe spaces and pride flags should be a year-round initiative, not just for special occasions like Christmas or the August bank holiday.

“They are not just a seasonable bauble that you can put up and take down without drawing attention. Chambers’ actions are disappointing and smack of greed and profiteering to me. Now more than ever the community needs real allies and proper safe spaces,” reports Breaking News.

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