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Russian Billionaire plans to Build Giant Sailboat Hospital


A billionaire in Russia is planning to build a high-tech hospital in the shape of a giant sailing boat.

Businessman Vasily Klyukin has said that the White Sails Hospital and Spa in Tunisia would be “the most pleasant hospital in the world”.

According to the plans the hospital will be fitted with all the latest medical equipment. Mr Klyukin told reporters that he was inspired to build a hospital after undergoing  through a rigorous amount of health tests for an upcoming trip to space.

In a recent interview Mr Klyukin said: “I will fly into space next year. My health condition has to be checked every six months,”

Mr Klyukin, who is understood to have made his fortune from co-founding Sovcombank, one of Russia’s biggest banks, also said.

The project would also be backed by a financial services group in Saudi Arabia.

He went onto say: “That is why I know this feeling very well, every time I’m approaching the white building of the clinic, I don’t feel any joy. “But I would like to show you the hospital, where there is no room for fear. And so that my son could ask about this hospital: ‘Daddy, when will we visit the ship again?'”

The unusual complex will be built in the Tunisia Economic City. The ambitious complex will be built in the Tunisia Economic City in Enfidha – which has a budget of €50bn (£39bn). The hospital will be one of the first buildings constructed and contain cutting-edge medical equipment.

The hospital project is backed by Saudi Arabian firm Lalei Al Barakah Est and will be constructed by engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti. Although there has been no details released as to when the project will begin and when it will be completed.

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